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General Information



Brighton Chamber of Commerce: 810-227-5086
Hartland Chamber of Commerce: 810-632-9130
Howell Chamber of Commerce: 517-546-3920
Brighton N.C.: 810-227-6190
Ward's Tent & Party Rental: 810-231-RENT
DJ Antoin: 248-894-3278


Your party may require a server. There is a charge of $100 per wait staff. The need for wait staff will vary with each individual event. For instance, an hors d'oeuvre party requires more attention than a dinner buffet. Many parties can be dropped off with brief instructions on how to refill a chafing dish or pull a salad out of a cooler. Drop-offs outside the Brighton area will be assessed a $25 travel expense if you cannot return the equipment to us. If your party is at a facility where we are unable to clean up the next day, you will require a server unless you can return the equipment. Please discuss all possibilities with chef.

Gratuities are accepted and appreciated, and is solely the decision of the host or hostess. If you decide to tip your servers, whenever possible, please pay them directly. C.C. Catering no longer handles China that you do not rent from us.

Please be sure to have your driveway cleared so the driver may pull in safely.



For more elegant dinner parties, the menu will be designed by you and our chef. The price will reflect your request.

A $500 deposit is required to hold your date for larger parties. Deposits are non-refundable. Balance is due day of the event. Cash, check, and credit cards (Visa, MC, Discover) are accepted. For security purposes, credit card payments must be made at our location in advance.

One week before your event, the final menu must be in place. The minimum guest count is also due. You will be able to add to your party but not decrease your count. We understand that accurate counts may be difficult. If more guests show up, they will be fed and you will be billed. If less show, you will be charged the minimum count agreed on the week before.



C.C. Catering prides itself on having a full buffet when your last guests are going through the line. This will allow your guests to have a second helping or accommodate unexpected arrivals. As long as your count is accurate, you will not run out of food.

Prices for catering services will vary with the menu items you have selected.

While we provide all plastic ware, paper products, and serving utensils for our items, we do not provide them for any item you provide yourself; i.e. cake plates and forks for a wedding cake that you bought separately.

We usually have a minimum of 25 people on all parties unless specified. From June through August, there is a 100 person minimum on Saturdays. Please inquire about availability for parties less than 100 in the Summer. Special menus and prices can be arranged for parties of less than 25.

On menus with carved items, there is a $50 carving fee. The fee is waived at 100 people.


Taste Testings:

Taste testings are available by appointment, usually Sunday through Thursday at lunch time. Not all items on our menu are suitable for tastings. Please discuss all your options with our chefs.



C.C. Catering now offers china service! China service is available for an additional $7.00 per person ($8.00 per person for outdoor events) and includes the following:

Dinner Plates, Forks, Knives, Linen Napkins, White Linen Tablecloths, and Servers.

While C.C. Catering does not assume a gratuity on regular menus, we do ask a minimum 15% gratuity on china parties.

Add Salad Plates & Forks For $0.50 per person.

Add Water Goblets for $0.50 per person.

Add Coffee Mugs for $0.50 per person.




Q: When are my final menu and minimum count due?

A: The Monday before your event for weekend events; one week before for weekday events.

Q: Do I have to tip the server/delivery person?

A: We leave the tipping up to you unless we are handling china.

Q: How much do I tip the server/delivery person?

A: As every event is different, there is no right or wrong answer. If you decide to tip the server, it's how much you feel they were worth to you and how much you feel they deserve. Average is $50 per server. Tipping the delivery person for drop-offs is personal preference.

Q: Can you handle last minute events such as funerals?

A: Yes. We keep plenty of food on hand for last minute events and additions.





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