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 This is a listing of hot and cold appetizers that are available. Please inquire about items you don't see that you may want. All appetizers are sold as part of a complete menu. Please see the Hors D'oeuvres and Light Appetizers pages for sample menus.

Hot Appetizers

Cold Appetizers

Miniature Ruebens

Vegetables w/ Dip

Assorted small sandwiches with turkey, ham, and pastromi. With or without sauerkraut!

Meatballs w/ Gravy or BBQ Sauce

Fresh Fruit Tray

Chicken Tenders

Spinach Dip

Served in a bread bowl with assorted crackers.

Smoked Pork Loin

Crab Spread

Carved by Chef

Served in a bread bowl with assorted crakers.

Miniature Burritos & Tacos

Cheese Tray w/ Crackers

Miniature burritos served along side soft tacos.

A variety of cheeses and crackers.

*Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Seven Layer Mexican Dip

Sautéed mushroom caps stuffed with crab, clam, and crawfish.

Served with nachos.

Sausage - Bar-B-Qued

Guacamole Dip

Sliced kielbasa tossed in our very own BBQ sauce blend!

Served with nachos.

*Asst. Brochettes

Nacho Chips & Salsa

Skewered chicken, *beef, and/or pork.

Mini Quiche

Deviled Eggs

Assorted, bite size quiche.

Asst. Puff Pastry

Stuffed Celery Hearts

Celery stuffed with an herb cream cheese.

*Miniature Wellingtons

Smoked Fish Canapés

Puff pasrty dough stuffed with beef and wild mushroom demi glacé.

Bagelette half spread with olive cream cheese and topped with smoked salmon.


Ham / Turkey Rolls

Chicken liver and bacon on a tooth pick.

Hot Bean Dip

Finger Sandwiches

Wing Dings

*Shrimp Cocktail

Chicken wings tossed in a hearty BBQ sauce. You'll want a napkin with these!

Cajun Wings

*Marinated Seafood Salad

Our classic Wing Dings with a kick! You'd better have something to wash these down with!

Our own mix of fresh shellfish tossed in a light vinaigrette.

Miniature Raviolis

*Crawfish Remoulade

Served in tomato or cream sauce.

Crawfish and fresh herbs combined with our house remoulade.

Spinach Pie

*Liver Paté w/ Crackers

Individual sized Phyllo-wrapped spinach pies

*Blacked Beef Tips


Potato Skins

*Asst. Sushi Trays

*Carved Beef Tenderloin

Fruit Kabobs

*Bacon Wrapped Scallops


Served with pita bread

*Anti Pasto Trays

Starred items will add to the cost when subsituted on sample menus.





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